Viteranz is more than a brand—it's a mission born from a significant need. 

I'm Deon, a proud veteran of the British Army and the founder of Viteranz. My decade-long service and journey into family life underscored the vital role of health.

Whilst digging deeper into the supplement industry, I found a striking gap in the specific needs of black veterans, particularly with PTSD, stress management, and overall mental health, many vets were not receiving the assistance they required.

My research led to a NIH article, which revealed that oral vitamin D supplementation has been linked to a 45%-48% reduction in the risk of suicide attempts and intentional self-harm. Notably, black veterans, who typically have lower Vitamin D levels than their white peers, benefit more significantly, up to 64%, from this supplementation. Given its safety and affordability, vitamin D holds potential promise, pending further clinical trials, in mitigating suicide risks, especially among Black veterans. 

Recognizing the potential of Vitamin D as a safe, accessible, and affordable remedy, I saw an opportunity to serve.

Our vision at Viteranz goes beyond merely selling products. We aim to create awareness and champion better health outcomes for black veterans. Every product we offer echoes this commitment. 

On our journey to bridge gaps and rewrite health narratives, we stay true to our ethos: for every purchase made, we funnel 30% of our profits to support black veteran charities. 

Your partnership with Viteranz nourishes your health and contributes to a broader cause. 


Stand with us, and together, let's make a difference.