Every Purchase: A Salute To Black Heroes

When you choose Viteranz, you're not just investing in your well-being – you're making a resounding statement of support for our black heroes who've worn the uniform and served valiantly.

Every product you pick up from Viteranz is an opportunity for us and for you to give back, to show appreciation, and to stand shoulder to shoulder with our veterans.

How Does Your Purchase Make a Difference?

30% of our profits go straight to black veteran charities. This isn't a mere contribution; it's a bridge to a brighter tomorrow for our veterans. This aid helps provide mental health support, housing, job training, and so much more to those who've selflessly served.

So, with every Viteranz product, you're not only nourishing yourself with premium quality supplements, but you're also filling a gap, mending a wound, and lighting up a hero's world.

The Ripple Effect of Your Choice

Beyond the direct impact of your financial support, your choice sends a powerful message. It's a message of unity, of community, and of recognition. Our black veterans have often been in the shadows, but with your help, we bring them into the light, acknowledging their sacrifices and ensuring they get the support they deserve.

In choosing Viteranz, you're choosing more than health – you're choosing hope, gratitude, and solidarity. Join us in this journey, and let every purchase be a salute to the black heroes who've given their all.

Supporting Black Veteran Charities: Empowering Heroes, One Purchase at a Time

While we currently make discretionary donations to support black veterans, our goal is to ensure every penny we contribute creates the most impact. As we grow, our aim is to identify and support charities and initiatives that resonate with our mission and the veterans we aim to uplift.

Our current list of charities:

Black Veterans ProjectFocusing on collaborations with writers, journalists, visuals storytellers and artists to capture and amplify the experiences of Black veterans in and out of uniform. And advancing data-driven research and digital scholarship to further public education on inequities facing Black veterans across generations of service.

Black Military Women Foundation: Formed to increase knowledge and awareness concerning black women and other women of color who have served and are currently serving in the military service of the United States. 

National Association For Black Veterans:  Work in unity with the community to end homelessness, empower low-income and minority Veterans and provide services to disadvantaged youth. 

Black Veterans For Social Justice: Dedicated to providing program services to assist military personnel in smoothly transitioning from active duty to civilian life. 

Join Our Journey:

If you're aware of a charity or initiative that aligns with our vision or if you represent one, we'd love to hear from you. As we chart our path forward, insights from our community will be invaluable.

Get in Touch:

Help us amplify our efforts. To suggest a charity or initiative or to learn more about our donation endeavors, contact us at info@viteranz.com or via our Contact Us form on the website. Let's unite and make a lasting difference together!